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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Connecticut Homeowners Don't Be Scammed By Bogus Mortgage Modification Companies!

         I have blogged before about the victimization of clients who have retained me after being ripped off by out state mortgage companies. I believe it is a good time to revisit this topic. These companies collect high fees like $5,000 which they sometimes don't even fully explain to their victims that these are fees to them not  funds to be applied to the mortgage debt due, In almost all cases they are unlicensed and operating illegally in Connecticut. More importantly they fail to advise their victims who are defendants in a foreclosure action of the existence of the Superior Court's foreclosure mediation program. This foreclosure mediation program stays the subject foreclosure action to provide the homeowner time to negotiate on their own or with the help of an attorney a mortgage modification with the mortgage lender. This means the foreclosure process does not go forward during mediation and no foreclosure signs or auctions for the homeowner to worry about. The victims of scam artist mortgage modification companies are denied this opportunity since these companies advise their victims not to participate in foreclosure mediation or simply are ignorant it exists. Unfortunately homeowners rely on them and many times lose their homes due to this fact since these companies are really only interested in the fee paid them and not obtaining a mortgage modification for their victims. If you are the victim of a mortgage modification company and still in a foreclosure action it may not be too late to participate in Connecticut's foreclosure mediation  program. You should contact a Connecticut attorney well versed in foreclosure defense and the foreclosure mediation program to file a motion for re -inclusion in this program. With the right argument made on your behalf by your attorney these motions are looked on favorably by Connecticut foreclosure judges and in most cases will be granted. If you are a victim of these bogus mortgage modification companies don't let your home slip a way if there is a chance to save it.