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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's Not Too Late To File Bankruptcy Just Because Judgments Have Been Entered Against You

     I have found that some of my clients with debt problems have the common misconception that once a judgment is entered against them they cannot seek relief with a bankruptcy filing. They unfortunately suffer through wage garnishments and bank executions without realizing that the filing of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will stay all judgments and all related collection attempts by the judgment creditor. Furthermore, once the Chapter 7 discharge is entered these judgments are voided and debtors are free from future creditor collection efforts. I take great satisfaction in providing my bankruptcy clients with the serenity that they no longer have to be fearful that their wages will be garnished or their bank accounts cleaned out. There is no reason to lose hope just because judgments have been entered against you. Bankruptcy does still offer the relief you need to obtain a fresh start.