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Friday, July 13, 2012

No Shame If You Need to File Bankruptcy to Obtain a Fresh Start

The emotional reaction that my clients have toward filing bankruptcy is always an important consideration that I take into account during my initial consultations with them. There are very few clients that I have met with that do not possess some degree of shame or sadness due to the fact they have reached their financial bottom and need to file bankruptcy. Certainly back in 2005 when creditors were able to have the bankruptcy code rewritten in their favor there was a concentrated publicity campaign to depict all bankruptcy filers as gaming the system. The language added to the code included terms like "presumption of abuse" and "abusive filing." This initially created the mistaken belief that bankruptcy was no longer an option for most people suffering financial difficulties. A result that the creditors behind the changes to the Code were no doubt quite pleased with. Over time this misplaced belief has dissipated, however, I still see that my clients are affected by the stigma that creditors wanted to attach to bankruptcy filers. I am not advocating that anyone take a cavalier and irresponsible attitude toward their debt obligations by filing bankruptcy. My point is that if someone without the income and assets needed to pay off their debts has reached their financial bottom there is no shame obtaining a fresh start by filing bankruptcy. Understandably it may not be the option all people want to take and it is not a decision to be made lightly without proper advice and counsel. During my consultations I not only have to address the legal issues that may be involved, but help counsel clients with the emotional baggage that has built up over time and cannot be overlooked at these meetings. They made need to vent or cry and that is okay since it is all part of working through their emotions. My holistic view of a fresh start is that it is not only a financial one, but an emotional one that allows clients to move forward positively to rebuild their lives.


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